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New Solutions. New Possibilities.

Great companies measure success differently. At Lierlever, we strive every day to imagine, inspire and transform the new age of Industrial Automation and Instrumentation Each day is all about new solutions and new possibilities. 

Over the years, Lierlever has deepened our presence in Singapore and the region with different teams on the ground to help customers navigate diverse and viable industrial technical solutions to their concerning technical issues. 

Today, Lierlever operates with a clear goal in mind: to create a new sector of the economy to not only spearhead revolutionary innovations but also to unite our key suppliers and manufacturers to work with us towards ultimately fulfilling the product application expertise required in Industrial Automation and Instrumentation. 

Our Brand Name

"Lierlever" was specially adopted as a dedication to the family, in togetherness to venture into unlimited business opportunities worldwide. Lierlever seeks to provide its clients with the best services and is fully committed to them. 

Two Companies

Lierlever Techni-Sol focuses on international markets.

Lierlever Pneuline Pte Ltd focuses on the local domestic market.

Both companies seek to fulfil the needs of our multi-national clients.

The Founder

The Lierlever brand was founded in 2005 by visionary entrepreneur Eric Wong

As someone who began his business venture with more than 18 years of local and regional experiences in the field of industrial automation, including Pneumatics & Control Engineering, Industrial Marking & Coding, Packaging as well as Calibrations Instruments, Eric acquired an extensive knowledge of industrial automation solutions and brought an understanding of the importance of quality solutions and a passion for the industry.

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The Team

Where would Lierlever be without our incredible team?
The answer is possibly in outer space. From providing our customers with excellent performance-to-investment ratio through quality products and services, entrusting our belief in suppliers and business associates, to engaging in good human resource practices within a motivational and caring working environment, our calm and collected Lierlever team keeps everything and everyone deeply valued, encouraged and appreciated. 

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Our Expertise and Promise

At Lierlever, quality is our obsession. Our product solutions are sourced from premium quality brands and expertise that survived international testing standards. 

This means you only need to think about one thing when you choose us as your business partner or supplier - quality technical solutions with rich value-added experience

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